Welcome to Our Academy


classical Catholic hybrid school


student mastery through restful learning


educational virtues to be fully human


celebrating the liturgy while become lifelong learners

Liberal Arts Tradition

piety, awe and wonder, gymnastics, musica, philosophy, theology


multum non multa, festina lente, repetitio mater memoriae, docendo discimus

We believe that true education can harmonize the intellect, body and soul, by seeking truth, goodness and beauty.

Our Mission

why we do what we do

In 2015 St. Scholastica Academy opened its doors providing a Classical academic program, teaching in the Catholic tradition, for homeschoolers in grades K-12.

We  are proud to announce we have partnered with Classical Latin Association to provide a Classical Latin Centered program while maintaining our love of Scholé.

Our belief is that rigor and restful learning are complementary and essential to education, while always keeping in mind the nature of a child. How is this attained?  As David Hicks in “Norms and Nobility” states,  “… the close reading of timeless literature and sacred texts, through the close study of history and the instructive lives of the saints and scoundrels who have made history, and through the close observation of nature whether through the lens of an artist, a scientist, or a mathematician.” Sustained focused attention on rightly ordered loves will encourage our students to grow in wisdom and virtue, which is the ultimate goal of education.  Our hearts’ desire is to come along side parents, while supporting and encouraging them.  A two-day program has allowed us to ease the parents’ workload, without usurping the parents’ responsibility.

We believe that true education can harmonize the intellect, body and soul, by seeking truth goodness and beauty.

Faith Statement

We recognize the Roman Catholic Church to be the one true apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ which adheres to the teaching magisterium (the Bishops in union with the Holy Father) of the Church and all its doctrines and traditions.

“[The Catholic sc­­hool’s] task is fundamentally a synthesis of culture and Catholic faith, and a synthesis of faith and life: the first is reached by integrating all the different aspects of human knowledge through the subjects taught, in the light of the Gospel; the second is the growth of the virtues characteristic of the Christian.” – Vatican II, Declaration on Christian Education, 37

We warmly welcome families of others faiths, while we maintain our distinctive Catholic identity.