school athensWhat is Catholic Classical Education?

Catholic Classical education is the imparting of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and humanities. The liberal arts are the fundamental intellectual skills used in every academic discipline and the humanities are the history and literature of Western civilization through which we learn, through precept and example, the ideas and values of our culture. Although it is the best way to learn the skills for both employment and citizenship, it does not focus on narrow job skills training or political indoctrination. Rather, its focus is passing on the culture of the Christian West to the next generation. Our Catholic tradition is taught through the sacraments and sacramentals, including the Traditional Latin Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Angelus, and various Latin Hymns. At St. Scholastica we invite students to be partakers in the great tradition of Rome, to know and enjoy the rich history of the Roman Catholic Church. 

What is a Cottage School?

St. Scholastica Cottage School is our homeschool support program for Grades 5-12. We meet two days per week for either a two day full program or a’ la carte classes on either day. All instruction is provided in class, with independent work being completed at home on the remaining days. Class sizes are kept to a minimum to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student. Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Homework is moderate and is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for a lesson. The Cottage School classroom is consistent with human nature and the experience of many decades has demonstrated its superiority over the modern child-centered classroom.